Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Benefits of Young Children Dancing....

What a special week!! All of our special "Parent Informances" went off without a hitch!! Every single dancer gave their best performance and relished in their special moment in the spotlight when taking final bows and curtsies. Thanks to everyone in the Charlotte Mecklenburg region for your support of our theatre arts family. We have had an awesome year!!

As the weather heats up, we are looking ahead to summer. We have already started with our registrations and classes start next week June 6th. Check out some reasons to get your child in our award winning program!! Below are some of the benefits of young children involved in dance and the arts, taken from National Dance Education Organization (http://www.ndeo.org/).

-Children move naturally. They move to achieve mobility, they move to express a thought or feeling, and they move because it is joyful and feels wonderful.

  • -Physical Development- Dance involves a greater range of motion, coordination, and strength than most other physical activities. Dance utilizes the entire body and is an excellent form of exercise for total body fitness. Young children are naturally active, but dance offers an avenue to expand movement possibilities and skills.
  • -Emotional Maturity- Children enjoy the opportunity to express their emotions and become aware of themselves and others through creative movement. Movement within a class offers a structured outlet for physical release while gaining awareness and appreciation of oneself and others.
  • Social Awareness- Children learn to communicate ideas to others through real and immediate mode of body movement. Children quickly learn to work in a group dynamic.
  • Cognitive Development- Young children will create movement spontaneously when presented with movement ideas or problems that can be solved with a movement response. Movement provides the cognitive loop between the idea and the solutiion.


~ This post was submitted by Stephanie Wilson, Little People's Creative Workshop Charlotte/Mecklenburg Regional Director

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